Leasing For Company To Acquire Machinery And Equipment


Do you know leasing for business ? With companies and industries increasingly in need of investments and investments, the search for credits and alternative ways to afford the necessary improvements in companies has been a major concern of business owners today. The possibilities of obtaining are numerous but everything depends on each case.

Do you know of any financial output to buy machines and equipment? To keep your machinery up-to-date and working properly, you must maintain it properly within the time limits specified by the manufacturer according to use.

It is worth mentioning that having well-maintained equipment, if trade can offer more and better quality products to your consumer, you can keep a larger stock for demand times and if any unexpected request have surprising you will be able to meet demand.

Leasing for business or leasing

Leasing for business or leasing is a form of financing that has grown a lot in Brazil. This is a good idea for those with little capital and need to finance new machinery and equipment. Leasing is one of the most secured and safe investments. Get to know the leasing and make sure this is your chance to buy equipment or keep the machinery of your company in the best conditions.

Leasing for company financing equipment

Leasing for company financing equipment


Having funds to fund your dreams and projects can be tricky. It is no wonder that today there are several types of investments. Leasing is just one of them. This type of investment is suitable for those who need to finance machinery and do not have enough capital to do so.
Leasing, which in Brazil is known as leasing, is a contract through which the lessor or lessor, which are the companies specializing in this type of transaction, acquires a property chosen by its client. When purchasing the equipment, the rental company rents the interested party for a period determined by the two parties. This transaction is made between the lessor, the company that makes the financing possible, and the lessor who receives the benefit.

In Brazil, today there are 3 types of leasing. Are they:

  1. Financial leasing,
  2. Operational Leasing
  3. Leaseback

Leaseback is a form of corporate leasing, much used by companies in financial difficulty.

How and where to get a financing with Leasing?

How and where to get a financing with Leasing?

The financing of machinery and equipment by Leasing can be done in several places and in several ways. Private banks such as Santander, Bradesco, financial companies such as Omni and state banks such as Caixa Federal and Banco do Brasil carry out this service.

The government can also help you finance your machinery in this way through the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). This bank has several programs to finance machines and help small business owners.

The Special Industrial Financing Agency – FINAME, with the support of the BNDES, is one of the places where the Leasing can be carried out. This agency specializes in encouraging the industry and has several types of financing to assist in the purchase of equipment.

So many legal and natural persons can hire the leasing. Lease agreements must have a minimum term of 24 months for assets with a useful life of up to five years and 36 months for the remaining ones. Each location has its specific conditions for the execution of the leasing contract, so research well before embarking on the financing.


Pay attention to the time to contract the financing      

Pay attention to the time to contract the financing      


A financing to buy equipment may be exactly what you need. However, it should be very well thought out. You do not want to end up getting more debt that you can not afford.

Be sure to check the interest rates applied in the leasing and if you will not have problems because of the costs of this operation. It is also good to research the machinery you need to know exactly what the best value offered in the market. The interested in this type of loan should keep more attention since Leasing does not provide the property right until the end of the debt. If there is a breach of contract, the lessee may have to pay a fine.

Despite the risks, this type of financing has several advantages. One of the main benefits is simplicity of the process. Goods may be renewed if they have a shorter service life than the contract. In addition, the lessee can still acquire the property when the rental term expires.

Leasing for business can be a good way to keep machinery up to date. Good luck!


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