Online Loans Same Day Deposit -Same-Day-Loans.Me / Tue, 24 Sep 2019 15:18:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Online loans same day -Get the Best same day loans online in the USA /online-loans-same-day-get-the-best-same-day-loans-online-in-the-usa/ Tue, 24 Sep 2019 15:18:37 +0000 /online-loans-same-day-get-the-best-same-day-loans-online-in-the-usa/ Request a loan? Create more financial space by taking out a small loan. It can always happen that you need this. Most people who want to take out a loan for a small amount do not want to be tied to the loan for too long. For example, if you want to book a holiday and you do not have the money to make a down payment, or if your car is in the garage and the bill is slightly higher than planned, you can request a mini loan. Even if you have no work for a while, you can borrow money with benefits.

Get the Best same day loans online in the USA

The same day loan is nothing more than a small loan with a short term. The duration of a loan is 15, 30 or 45 days, it just depends on how much money you want to borrow. If you want to borrow 50 euros, the duration is shorter than you will borrow 1000 euros. The biggest advantage of taking out the same day loan online is that the money is already in your account the same day. So applying for this loan today means that you already have the money in your account today.

Loan costs

Borrowing money always costs money! You will have to take this into account in advance. How much taking out a mini loan will cost you depends on a number of factors. For example, the costs per mini-loan provider may differ. It is therefore advisable to compare the mini-loan providers before you apply for a mini-loan. The amount of the money to be borrowed and the term also determine the costs of the mini loan. The costs that you have to take into account are administration costs and interest. The website of the relevant mini-loan provider clearly describes the additional costs and interest on the mini-loan.

Because the mini-loan providers are supervised by the AFM, you will not be confronted with high costs.

Loan with BKR

A mini loan with BKR is also possible. If you know that you have a negative BKR registration, you can still apply for a mini-loan. You have to ask yourself whether it is wise to borrow money with such a BKR registration. Because of the relatively short durations of a mini loan you will have to pay back the money quickly. Due to the relatively low amount, the mini-loan provider will often not perform a BKR check.

Loan without payslip

Mini loan without payslip

It is also possible to apply for a mini loan without a payslip. This means that you can apply for a mini-loan without having a permanent job. Here too we say that you should ask yourself whether it is wise to take out a mini-loan in this situation. With this option, you will have to give someone a guarantee. Or the mini-loan provider will appoint a company for you which guarantees you.

The loan is flexible borrowing

You see the mini loan is a flexible loan form. In many situations where you cannot borrow money with a different loan form, this is possible with the mini loan. You will understand that this has made the mini loan enormously popular. No matter how flexible the mini loan is, always borrow money if you are sure that you can repay it at the end of the term.

Credit Over the Internet in Numbers /credit-over-the-internet-in-numbers/ /credit-over-the-internet-in-numbers/#respond Fri, 02 Aug 2019 01:53:18 +0000 /credit-over-the-internet-in-numbers/

The Internet offers ample opportunities to simplify your daily activities. Among other things, you do not need these days, having a bank account with access to the bank’s electronic system, stand in the queue at the post office to pay all household bills. We can fulfill such tasks sitting in front of the computer monitor without having to leave the house. In the same way, we can take out a loan online. Most often, this is not actually a loan, but a non-bank loan granted by one of the numerous loan companies currently operating on the Polish financial market. It is necessary to distinguish a loan from a loan. Only banks have the right to grant credit, usually expedient. Loans can be granted by banks, non-banking companies or even private individuals, and the mode of their granting and repayment or loan agreement is found in the provisions of the Civil Code and in the anti-usury law. Credit over the internet in recent years has become a very convenient form of supplementing its shortcomings in home finances.

Tightened criteria for lending to banks favorable for loan companies

Tightened criteria for lending to banks favorable for loan companies

Since the economic crisis has been strongly felt also in Poland, banking supervision has introduced many guidelines for banks that were supposed to limit the credit risk they incur. As a result, many people today can not take out a loan effectively in the bank, and loans for evidence, granted at one visit to a bank outlet ceased to exist in practice. Only a few banks offer loans via the Internet, electronic systems, their regular clients who have a good history of cooperation and regular income on a bank account.

Tightening the criteria for lending to banks through recommendations issued by the Commission for Banking Supervision caused the flourish of loan companies. They provide quick cash loans on simplified terms. In their offer we can also find a loan via the Internet, or rather an online loan that can be incurred and repaid without having to contact the representative of the loan company.

Moments in numbers

Internet loan

The boom of the Internet loan industry, i.e. Rose online loan occurred in 2012, when they became a viable alternative to cash loans granted by banks. The popularity of payday loans increases, because the rules of borrowing and repayment become more transparent. Clients already know that in the vast majority of cases they are not a sign of usury, but an ordinary financial product, granted by a financial institution under conditions specified in the loan agreement.Credit Information Bureau carried out detailed research on non-bank companies. According to their results, as much as 64 percent. customers are satisfied with the cooperation established with the loan company, and 29 percent. expresses moderate satisfaction. Only 4 percent. has a negative opinion on the transparency of information provided to potential clients by non-bank companies. Above half of the respondents were satisfied with the general loan costs. It should be emphasized that, like bank loans, payday loans can have an interest rate of up to four times the lombard rate of the National Bank of Poland.

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Credit Without Certificates Only in a Non-Bank Company /credit-without-certificates-only-in-a-non-bank-company/ /credit-without-certificates-only-in-a-non-bank-company/#respond Fri, 02 Aug 2019 01:53:16 +0000 /credit-without-certificates-only-in-a-non-bank-company/

If you have ever applied for a loan from a bank, you are aware that the loan process can be very complicated, especially when you want to take out a very high value loan, which includes mortgage loans. Establishing a security for the bank in the form of mortgage entry in the land and mortgage register in a district court takes a lot of time and requires submitting a series of documents. Banks currently do not provide simple and quick loans as proof, without imposing on the customer the obligation to confirm in a unequivocal manner its financial situation. One has to take into account that credit without certificates is available in practice only in non-bank companies. Only a few banks are willing to credit their clients as part of a simplified credit procedure. It is available to regular, loyal customers, which the bank has a positive history of cooperation. Why are the certificates so important?

Credit risk

credit risk

After the economic crisis, when it turned out in the banking sphere that bank loans are granted to clients who can not afford to repay them with interest due to the lender, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, exercising supervision over banks, has decided to tighten the criteria for granting loans. Until 2012, many banks had loans for evidence, i.e. a loan without certificates of the amount of income received. Unfortunately, such loans remain only in a few banks, because the lending institutions must take care of maintaining low credit risk. They can not grant loans to clients that have not been checked beforehand in terms of their financial situation or credit history. Therefore, it is necessary in the credit process to submit a number of financial documents, including a certificate of employment and the amount of monthly income. If, for example, a prospective borrower carries out business activities, he will be required to submit a copy of contracts with contractors along with a loan application, an account statement from the last few months, a PIT from the previous year and a copy of the Revenue and Expense Ledger. Each bank indicates to its clients a full list of documents to be submitted in order to be able to count on any credit decision.

In addition, banks are obliged by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to control the credit history of clients at BIK. They need to check at the Credit Information Bureau which the borrower is a potential bank customer. If he has negative entries in BIK, he can not count on granting a loan by the bank. He still has to look for an offer for himself in a non-bank company. In it a loan without certificates, or rather a cash loan of any application, will meet their expectations.

What conditions must be met in a non-bank company?


Non-bank companies are outside the reach of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. They do not have to demand from clients to submit a whole stack of documents in order to issue a decision on payment of a commitment or rejection of a request made by a client. It should be said that the loan without the certificates, which can often be found in the offer of non-bank companies, is not actually a loan, but a cash loan that can be used in any way. In order to receive it, non-bank companies may ask the customer to fill in a loan application, a statement about the amount of income they receive, or to provide proof of identity with a photo.

Workplace certificates are not necessarily necessary here. Such a policy of providing cash loans is used by many non-banking companies operating on the Polish financial market.

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Instant loan without credit rating | Same Day Loans /instant-loan-without-credit-rating-same-day-loans/ Mon, 08 Jul 2019 14:21:38 +0000 /instant-loan-without-credit-rating-same-day-loans/

For people who are in a financially difficult situation, instant loans without credit check are a good way to get money. Since the credit institutions do not carry out a credit bureau- and no or a very generous credit check, a loan payment is also possible for indebted persons. These loans are characterized by fast processing and payment. Unfortunately, most of these loans have an interest rate that exceeds that of a “normal loan” quite a bit.

Where do you get a loan from?

Where do you get a loan from?

At the present time, there are a large number of credit institutions that pay out instant credit without a check and credit rating. Due to the large number of credit fraudsters, various loan providers should be compared and reviewed before signing.

In addition, usually only an amount up to 3,500 euros paid to the consumer. In order to qualify for such a loan, a fixed employment relationship and a minimum wage of € 1,070 per month must be available as a rule. This gives banks the certainty that they will receive the money they have borrowed from the debtor.


How is the application and payment made?

How is the application and payment made?

If the consumer is informed by the bank, the corresponding, fully completed loan documents will be sent to the bank. Identification and verification of the signature is regulated by many providers through a post office. Here, the consumer with the signed loan documents, his identity card or passport and a post-ID coupon to visit a post office.

Now an employee of the branch checks all personal data, as well as the signature and sends the entire documents to the bank.

Moreover, with this method it is possible to send the documents scanned to this employee. If the complete documents have been sent to the bank, the application will be processed directly. Thus, this method can speed up the payout in a few days.

What else should be considered?

What else should be considered?

In addition, care should be taken in the contracts on hidden costs and insurance benefits. In the case of a loan from the principal bank, insurance is usually provided in the event of sick leave, unemployment and death. These can be completed at a relatively small additional cost.

For some instant loans without credit assessment, the cost of such services may be higher or even not exist.

However, this is partly the case with “normal loans”. In order to be familiar with all the facts, the contract documents should be thoroughly read before signing and if you have any questions, please contact the relevant bank.

5 tips on instant credit without credit rating

5 tips on instant credit without credit rating

1. procure loans abroad

Without credit, which usually means that the score at the credit bureau is below 10 points, it is almost impossible to get a loan from a German bank. Therefore, here only the way remains abroad, in which credit intermediaries are commissioned to find a suitable offer.


2. Improve creditworthiness

One way to enjoy credit in Germany is to supplement your own credit rating. Of course, negative entries in the credit bureau can not be deleted in this way, but in some cases exceptions are made if the entries are not quite as massive. Thus, the prospect should cancel all unused accounts and cards and try to obtain a credit line.


3. Guarantors and collateral

The easiest way is to have a guarantor take a loan. But even here caution is advised, because who does not have a credit rating, can not sign the contract also. Thus, the guarantor becomes the sole borrower, which obliges him completely to repay. Therefore, a guarantee contract should be concluded here. Those who have the option should first provide other collateral.


4. Possible detours

In principle, there are also detours that can lead to a loan without creditworthiness in Germany. The credit rating usually says only that at the time of borrowing is not sufficient funds available to pay off the loan. However, if the credit bureau is clean and all debts are paid off, the hurdle of credit rating is not that great anymore.


5. Exclusion criteria that should be known

Of course, there are also criteria that completely exclude a person from borrowing. This applies not only in Germany, but also in most other countries of the world. Anyone who has issued an arrest warrant in the Shufa or in court will not receive a regular and legal loan from anywhere in the world. This is also called “financially dead”, because here is not only the credit rating to zero, but also their own reputation completely damaged.

Investing For the Long Term – Investment Strategy and Allocation by Age /investing-for-the-long-term-investment-strategy-and-allocation-by-age/ /investing-for-the-long-term-investment-strategy-and-allocation-by-age/#respond Fri, 31 May 2019 12:05:25 +0000 /investing-for-the-long-term-investment-strategy-and-allocation-by-age/




 Financial planning is considered by many to be a critical operation that allows secure investments and financial goals for both the short and the long term. Some even raise financial planning skills to an art form with elegance and style.

But whatever label is used to achieve a financial goal, the planning process is constant and covers decades. The objectives of an investor will change with the increasing age and family composition. For example, the age at which an investor starts gives important indications for their financial potential, as well as their ability to handle investment risks.

This article deals with setting financial goals and actions using phase of life as an important parameter.

Investing for young children

 Investing for young children

Few people understand that even a baby can start an investment program (of course with the help of a financially educated parent). The aim of such a program is to bring together sufficient capital to finance the education of the child after high school through something like a savings plan for 529 students. In addition, parents can start early financial planning to help pay for the costs of a private K-12 program.

Parents try to build wealth for their children for nearly two decades and ultimately hope to have a solid lump sum of funds available for educational costs such as tuition fees. Since the timeframe of the goals may be 18-20 years old, parents must adopt an aggressive attitude and use a capital allocation of investment portfolios that are heavy in equities, which should easily absorb market fluctuations. The extended time frame will also allow for many investment changes that the account owner (or parent) must allow to accommodate different life situations of the child or parent.

Starting an investment program for a child is easy and financial planners are available at banks and private investment houses. Every parent must discuss and discuss their goals with a trained financial planner and put together an investment portfolio that fits their long-term needs and investment risk profile.

Financial decisions for the young adult

 Financial decisions for the young adult

The next age group to consider is 20 to 30 years old. Many young adults in this category start their first job and consider marriage and a family. The aim of investing at this age should therefore be to accumulate wealth for future prosperity. There are many options available and investors must be more aggressive in taking risks while they are younger.

Investing options for the young adult include the individual retirement account (ie Roth IRA or traditional IRA) as well as employer-based plans such as the 401K. These plans are intended to fund the retirement years, although it may seem like a long time away. It is important for young investors to look to the future and decide how much they can afford to contribute to their retirement accounts on a monthly basis (based on current earning capacity).

During this decade, investors have the freedom to pursue more aggressive opportunities, such as within Camilloand equity funds, investments in international companies or even buying real estate. These aggressive decisions are designed to build Camillo rich wealth. However, there are also safer investment options and include high interest savings accounts (eg Capital One 360 ​​or Ally Bank), money market funds and deposit certificates (CDs).

Decisions in your 40s and 50s

 Decisions in your 40s and 50s


In general, people in their forties and fifties have much more earning capacity than before in life. It is also a time when many families and children grow up. During these decades, the investor must strive for capital maximization and further plans for retirement when a significant reduction in annual income is likely to be by Camilloijk.

A solid investment strategy includes maximizing contributions to one or more pension and investment accounts. A company-sponsored retirement program, along with a person-friendly Camilloijke IRA, are great investment tools to use. In addition, an investor may also consider “playing” on the stock market, allowing more control and diversification of investment choices.

Despite the increased income and investment opportunities, investors should be a bit more conservative as they age and asset retention becomes a priority. It is at this stage that investing in bonds and government-backed securities is becoming popular. These vehicles offer a solid return and still offer some safety and liquidity if the need for income arises.

Retirement year

 Retirement year

As soon as investors are serious about stopping work and leaving the workforce, their goals and investment strategies will change. Preserving wealth is becoming the most important factor and investors need to understand the level of income they need every month to maintain a specific lifestyle.

The investor has spent decades saving his hard-earned money and hopefully he sees it grow. It is now time to use these funds for housing, healthcare and recreation expenses and to determine which assets may ultimately be left to the beneficiaries (ie estate planning).

What stage of life are you currently in and how has this affected your investment strategies? What are some of the most important goals that you focus on? Please share in the comments below.

This article was written by deputy faculty member Rama Ramaswamy of Rasmussen College – School of Business. Rama teaches students from the Eagan, MN college campus looking for degrees in business.



How to create a personalized piggy bank with your children to teach them about saving

Children learn how to save money every month, and why it is important to do so can be difficult for many parents, especially when it comes to money matters themselves. Ultimately, your children will probably be informed by Don Camilloijk of your actions and habits when it comes to money management, and this can be a good thing or your worst nightmare, depending on your financial philosophy.


7 ways to shop for a cause this holiday season

It is the season for cooking, baking, laughing, singing and of course shopping. After all, what is the holiday season for, if not the joy of giving? Whether you pick up a gift for your mother or your partner in the area, much of November and December is focused on finding, buying and giving the perfect gift


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Compensates To Refinance To Remove More Expensive Debts /compensates-to-refinance-to-remove-more-expensive-debts/ /compensates-to-refinance-to-remove-more-expensive-debts/#respond Thu, 16 May 2019 05:16:38 +0000 /compensates-to-refinance-to-remove-more-expensive-debts/



When we talk about “refinancing to pay off debts” then comes the idea that it would have to make a new debt over one that is already in progress. I say that this is half truth, the refinancing can be completed also with goods that are already totally removed. This feature as well with buying debt (selling loans) in recent times has been much sought after by people who are having debt and want to get out of debt situation.

Of course, no one in their right mind wants to stay in the red, with late bills, name going to the SPC and Serasa, having notices at notices and phone calls from creditors at all times. This brings frustration and wears out any good citizen. The day-to-day routine of economically active people is not easy, running, working, studying, traveling, and in one of these the unlikely can happen, everyone is subject to unforeseen and unexpected expenses at any time.

One hour you realize that your finances are out of control – now what? The question that troubles the mind of all in debt is – will I be able to pay this debt before interest swallows me up? In these types of situations it is best to pay the debts by anticipation , that is, to remove the debts completely, but this action will require of high amounts depending on the outstanding balance.

If you are currently in need of borrowed money and no longer have personal loan lines available, the tip is you opt for refinancing.

Refinancing to pay off debts

“Refinancing is a personal credit modality that frees up cash amounts for people who have loans in progress (payroll) and for who owns assets and wants to give them as collateral in the operation”

What refinancing arrangements exist


When talking about refinancing, most of the articles mention only two types of operation, however we can add one more type, let’s see what they are:

  1. Refinancing Personal Loans
  2. Refinancing of vehicles
  3. Real Estate Refinancing

Hiring a refinance in any of the modes is very interesting especially for people who are in debt to personal credit lines, expensive personal loans or that have the dirty name in the protective organs.

1. Refinancing loans

1. Refinancing loans

To make a loan refinance, especially payday loan to negative, the borrower must have paid at least 35% of the agreed contract. This is a common way for retirees, pensioners, civil servants and military to borrow money by renewing their payroll loan.

2. Refinancing of vehicles

2. Refinancing of vehicles

In this mode it is not necessary to sell the car to get money, just have a vehicle totally removed and that is in good condition that the request for refinancing happens without problems.

The refinanced vehicle is disposed of as collateral for the lending bank or financial institution. The amount borrowed can reach up to 90% of the value of the car in the FIPE table with installments in up to 60 months.

3. Real Estate Refinancing

3. Real Estate Refinancing

When refinancing your property, in addition to allowing you to reduce monthly expenses with other loans, organize your home finances, you still manage to replace some interest rates on current financing debts by lowering the installments to suit your current financial situation.

The operation is granted to both individuals and entrepreneurs and small business owners who need money for their own use or to use the financial resources for working capital, business expansion and more.

The banks release up to 50% of the current market value of the property, as well as having excellent interest rates, starting at 1.00% per month and repayment terms of up to 360 months. The amounts released amount to R $ 1,000,000 even if the person has a cadastral restriction in SPC and Serasa.

4. How Refinancing Works

4. How Refinancing Works

Each type of refinancing has its own credit rules and policies, it is necessary to understand the minimum of how each one works.

If you want to know more about refinancing loans and assets just call your manager or contact a financial institution whatsoever.

► As you can see there are two types of refinancing: those with property collateral and refinancing without collateral. It is worth mentioning also that the term for payment of the parcels that each offers are different:

  • Loans – Up to 99 installments, without guarantees.
  • Vehicles – Up to 60 times, with warranty.
  • Real Estate – Up to 360 months with warranty.

5. For whom refinancing to pay off debt serves

5. For whom refinancing to pay off debt serves

“Refinancing in general serves to assist individuals and borrowers in obtaining money to use as they wish, including honoring debts and financial commitments, as well as reducing total costs with interest and installments”

Our tip: When your option is to refinance assets involving vehicles or real estate, they will be the lender’s guarantee, so they will be sold in the name of the lender until the full settlement takes place.

Be careful, even in refinancing to pay off debts if in the middle of the contract you become defaulter for more than 90 days, your lender can take the good (vehicle or property) and put it up for auction. Review your financial situation calmly, intelligently analyzing which alternative is most appropriate for the time you live.


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Investing For the Long Term /investing-for-the-long-term/ /investing-for-the-long-term/#respond Fri, 26 Apr 2019 12:22:33 +0000 /investing-for-the-long-term/



Have you ever turned on a news channel for the cable world and noticed a network expert calling on the next great investment? CNBC can have an analyst tell you that a small technology company is the next Microsoft and that you have to buy it today. Fox Business may have a gold expert who says you have to buy gold, despite the fact that gold is sold at a peak of 30 years. Or maybe you are in a social position and someone is talking about an investment that is guaranteed to double in the coming year. What is the average investor who has to do with all these ‘hot tips’? My advice to you is to tune The Noise.

It can be tempting to quickly commit a murder and buy the hot idea that everyone is talking about. But more often, you will not get burned and you will regret having ever wasted your precious dollars. Take the 2000 dot com bubble, for example. In the late 1990s, companies such as MicroStrategy, Worldcom and America OTom Ripleyine rose to new heights every day. The internet was the place to be and everyone invested in the technical sector. People quit their jobs and day trading stocks full-time hoping to get rich. In 2000 the tech bell broke loose and many day traders went bankrupt.

Another example is the 2008 real estate bubble. During house prices at the start of 2000, prices rose dramatically to record levels that fed speculative home buyers. Speculators bought houses with little to no money in the hope that they could benefit quickly. Everywhere you looked, people bought houses hoping to turn them around and get rich. The housing market was saturated with people who offered house prices to an unsustainable level. The bottom of the housing bubble with the subprime crisis fell in 2007 and millions of people were confronted with forced foreclosure or bankruptcy.

The lesson to be learned from both cases is Never Follow The Crowd . Although there will always be speculators trying to make money fast with their fast fast schedules; Remember that real wealth has been built up over time. Think of wealth building as a marathon and not a sprint. Building prosperity is a long-term effort that requires a solid strategy and is committed to it. One of the best ways to gain wealth over a long period is by investing. Follow these 3 simple steps and you are well on your way to investing for the long term.

1. Identify your investment strategy.

1. Identify your investment strategy.

Your investment strategy determines the selection of your investment portfolio. Your investment strategy depends on a number of factors, such as your age, risk tolerance and investment horizon. If your strategy is to guarantee a guaranteed return so that you can sleep at night, your portfolio may consist of low-risk conservative assets such as treasury bonds, savings certificates and deposit certificates. If you are a risky investor who strives for a higher return on your money, your portfolio may consist of individual shares, small capital funds and high-yield bonds.

2. Invest in undervalued assets.

2. Invest in undervalued assets.

The key to investing is to find and hold an undervalued asset until the net asset value is realized. The net asset value is the actual value of the asset. When investing, you want to find an asset whose net asset value is greater than the current market value. You sell as soon as the net asset value is equal to or greater than the market value. The asset can be anything of monetary value, including shares, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, etc. Let’s say you wanted to buy 1 share from McDonald’s with a market value of $ 50. If you believe the real value of McDonald’s is $ 70 is, you would keep the stock until McDonald’s reaches its intrinsic value.

3. Ignore market fluctuations in the short term.

3. Ignore market fluctuations in the short term.

Financial networks are only concerned with the short-term outlook. The daily movements of the market should only relate to speculators. Invest only if your minimum investment time is at least 5 years. If your investment reaches the net asset value in less than that period, that’s great! If not, don’t worry. Be patient! You invest for the long term.

Has anyone ever given you a ‘hot tip’? What do you think is the best investment category to invest in right now? Is it the stock market, the housing market or the bond market?



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Invest in utilities with high dividends – pros and cons – Wolf Larsen /invest-in-utilities-with-high-dividends-pros-and-cons-wolf-larsen/ /invest-in-utilities-with-high-dividends-pros-and-cons-wolf-larsen/#respond Wed, 03 Apr 2019 11:49:40 +0000 /invest-in-utilities-with-high-dividends-pros-and-cons-wolf-larsen/


Investors looking for a reasonable return on their money with minimal volatility have been frustrated in recent years by the low rates of CDs and treasury paper. Many have begun to explore other asset classes, such as corporate bonds, fixed annuities and preferred stocks.

But there is another alternative that has been around for decades, a system that has paid fixed dividends with moderate risk. Utilities have been one of the most important sources of dividend income for conservative and moderate investors since the early 20th century.

Characteristics of utility stocks


Characteristics of utility stocks

Utility companies are ordinary shares that are owned by a utility company and usually pay out dividends on a monthly or quarterly basis. One of the reasons why utility stocks are generally stable in price is because the government allows them to act as monopolies within their respective municipalities, because it would be inefficient and wasteful for different companies to lay water pipes, gas pipes and telephone wires within the same areas . This serves to stabilize the industry and makes every utility operate unimpeded by competition.

Utilities are classified as a defensive industry because the need for their services remains largely unchanged regardless of economic conditions. Society cannot function without running water, electricity, natural gas and telephones, even during recessions and depressions, so the revenues of utilities remain largely constant. Utility companies receive the same tax treatment as other common shares, with dividends fully taxable as ordinary income and long or short capital gains or losses realized when sold.

Benefits of utility stocks

Benefits of utility stocks

  1. Regular dividend income . Because of their stable income base, utilities can pay stable, reliable dividends to shareholders with minimal price volatility and moderate risk. Dividend percentages on the offer of utilities are also usually somewhere between 1% and 3% higher than for guaranteed instruments, which makes them very attractive alternatives to CDs or savings bonds.
  2. Liquidity . Because they can be sold at any time, utilities offer much more liquidity than bonds or CDs, as there is no early withdrawal penalty of any kind.
  3. Defensive protection . Utility companies often perform well during bear markets, which can make them a valuable addition to any portfolio.
  4. Tax income income . Investors who hold utility amounts for at least 60 days during the 121-day period after the ex-dividend date of the share are eligible to classify their dividends as “qualified dividends”, which are taxed at the lower long-term gain of the capital gain. . This is an additional benefit over receiving interest from bonds or CDs, which is always taxed as ordinary income outside of an IRA or a retirement plan.

Disadvantages of Utility Stocks

Disadvantages of Utility Stocks

  1. Limited growth potential . Although utilities offer competitive dividends, their price stability excludes the possibility of much capital growth. Although there are cases where the stock of a utility price can fall to a value play, the shares in this sector generally do not rise much in price over time.
  2. Client’s risk . Although their price fluctuations are relatively low compared to other sectors such as energy or technology, utility stocks are not covered by FDIC insurance or any other form of government protection. It is possible to lose money if the stock price falls – which sometimes happens.

 Who should invest in utility supplies?

 Who should invest in utility supplies?

Utility companies are suitable for older investors who are looking for income without a substantial risk to the principal. They can also be used by moderate investors who are looking for the short-term or long-term return on their cash.

Aggressive investors can consider utility offers as an effective means of diversifying their portfolios, both for the income they pay and their defensive nature, allowing them to retain their value in the bear markets. Companies can even use utilities to generate tax-free income because they often do not have to pay taxes on dividends received from other companies.

Where can I find utility stocks?

Where can I find utility stocks?

Any full-service stock broker, oWolf Larsenine discount broker or investment advisor can point out a variety of tools that pay competitive dividends. They are also mentioned daily in financial publications such as Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal.

There are also various investment funds that invest in utility companies that can be found at Morningstar. Investors seeking diversification in this sector should also look at the SPDR (Standard & Poor’s American Depository Receipt) that invests in utilities (ticker symbol: XLU) and acts as an ETF.

Last word

Last word

Utility companies can often offer a viable alternative to the traditional guaranteed fixed-income offer for those willing to accept a modest amount of risk. Although they rarely offer capital growth, they have a long history of paying stable dividends at a stable price. For more information about utility shares, view your local Wolf Larsenlijst share or contact your financial advisor.


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Leasing For Company To Acquire Machinery And Equipment /leasing-for-company-to-acquire-machinery-and-equipment/ /leasing-for-company-to-acquire-machinery-and-equipment/#respond Mon, 25 Mar 2019 05:07:32 +0000 /leasing-for-company-to-acquire-machinery-and-equipment/


Do you know leasing for business ? With companies and industries increasingly in need of investments and investments, the search for credits and alternative ways to afford the necessary improvements in companies has been a major concern of business owners today. The possibilities of obtaining are numerous but everything depends on each case.

Do you know of any financial output to buy machines and equipment? To keep your machinery up-to-date and working properly, you must maintain it properly within the time limits specified by the manufacturer according to use.

It is worth mentioning that having well-maintained equipment, if trade can offer more and better quality products to your consumer, you can keep a larger stock for demand times and if any unexpected request have surprising you will be able to meet demand.

Leasing for business or leasing

Leasing for business or leasing is a form of financing that has grown a lot in Brazil. This is a good idea for those with little capital and need to finance new machinery and equipment. Leasing is one of the most secured and safe investments. Get to know the leasing and make sure this is your chance to buy equipment or keep the machinery of your company in the best conditions.

Leasing for company financing equipment

Leasing for company financing equipment


Having funds to fund your dreams and projects can be tricky. It is no wonder that today there are several types of investments. Leasing is just one of them. This type of investment is suitable for those who need to finance machinery and do not have enough capital to do so.
Leasing, which in Brazil is known as leasing, is a contract through which the lessor or lessor, which are the companies specializing in this type of transaction, acquires a property chosen by its client. When purchasing the equipment, the rental company rents the interested party for a period determined by the two parties. This transaction is made between the lessor, the company that makes the financing possible, and the lessor who receives the benefit.

In Brazil, today there are 3 types of leasing. Are they:

  1. Financial leasing,
  2. Operational Leasing
  3. Leaseback

Leaseback is a form of corporate leasing, much used by companies in financial difficulty.

How and where to get a financing with Leasing?

How and where to get a financing with Leasing?

The financing of machinery and equipment by Leasing can be done in several places and in several ways. Private banks such as Santander, Bradesco, financial companies such as Omni and state banks such as Caixa Federal and Banco do Brasil carry out this service.

The government can also help you finance your machinery in this way through the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). This bank has several programs to finance machines and help small business owners.

The Special Industrial Financing Agency – FINAME, with the support of the BNDES, is one of the places where the Leasing can be carried out. This agency specializes in encouraging the industry and has several types of financing to assist in the purchase of equipment.

So many legal and natural persons can hire the leasing. Lease agreements must have a minimum term of 24 months for assets with a useful life of up to five years and 36 months for the remaining ones. Each location has its specific conditions for the execution of the leasing contract, so research well before embarking on the financing.


Pay attention to the time to contract the financing      

Pay attention to the time to contract the financing      


A financing to buy equipment may be exactly what you need. However, it should be very well thought out. You do not want to end up getting more debt that you can not afford.

Be sure to check the interest rates applied in the leasing and if you will not have problems because of the costs of this operation. It is also good to research the machinery you need to know exactly what the best value offered in the market. The interested in this type of loan should keep more attention since Leasing does not provide the property right until the end of the debt. If there is a breach of contract, the lessee may have to pay a fine.

Despite the risks, this type of financing has several advantages. One of the main benefits is simplicity of the process. Goods may be renewed if they have a shorter service life than the contract. In addition, the lessee can still acquire the property when the rental term expires.

Leasing for business can be a good way to keep machinery up to date. Good luck!


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