Credit Without Certificates Only in a Non-Bank Company

If you have ever applied for a loan from a bank, you are aware that the loan process can be very complicated, especially when you want to take out a very high value loan, which includes mortgage loans. Establishing a security for the bank in the form of mortgage entry in the land and mortgage register in a district court takes a lot of time and requires submitting a series of documents. Banks currently do not provide simple and quick loans as proof, without imposing on the customer the obligation to confirm in a unequivocal manner its financial situation. One has to take into account that credit without certificates is available in practice only in non-bank companies. Only a few banks are willing to credit their clients as part of a simplified credit procedure. It is available to regular, loyal customers, which the bank has a positive history of cooperation. Why are the certificates so important?

Credit risk

credit risk

After the economic crisis, when it turned out in the banking sphere that bank loans are granted to clients who can not afford to repay them with interest due to the lender, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, exercising supervision over banks, has decided to tighten the criteria for granting loans. Until 2012, many banks had loans for evidence, i.e. a loan without certificates of the amount of income received. Unfortunately, such loans remain only in a few banks, because the lending institutions must take care of maintaining low credit risk. They can not grant loans to clients that have not been checked beforehand in terms of their financial situation or credit history. Therefore, it is necessary in the credit process to submit a number of financial documents, including a certificate of employment and the amount of monthly income. If, for example, a prospective borrower carries out business activities, he will be required to submit a copy of contracts with contractors along with a loan application, an account statement from the last few months, a PIT from the previous year and a copy of the Revenue and Expense Ledger. Each bank indicates to its clients a full list of documents to be submitted in order to be able to count on any credit decision.

In addition, banks are obliged by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to control the credit history of clients at BIK. They need to check at the Credit Information Bureau which the borrower is a potential bank customer. If he has negative entries in BIK, he can not count on granting a loan by the bank. He still has to look for an offer for himself in a non-bank company. In it a loan without certificates, or rather a cash loan of any application, will meet their expectations.

What conditions must be met in a non-bank company?


Non-bank companies are outside the reach of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. They do not have to demand from clients to submit a whole stack of documents in order to issue a decision on payment of a commitment or rejection of a request made by a client. It should be said that the loan without the certificates, which can often be found in the offer of non-bank companies, is not actually a loan, but a cash loan that can be used in any way. In order to receive it, non-bank companies may ask the customer to fill in a loan application, a statement about the amount of income they receive, or to provide proof of identity with a photo.

Workplace certificates are not necessarily necessary here. Such a policy of providing cash loans is used by many non-banking companies operating on the Polish financial market.

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